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IT management

Typical challenges in information technology need above all available and competent collaborators. We can provide you with experienced it-professionals as team members. We do not sell software or hardware of third parties. Therefore we are vendor neutral and can provide unbiased consulting and independend services.

Our employees can support you as project members or manage projects autonomously. Get our experienced digital craftmans as a resourceful support for your project management.
Good documents for placing an software order are the base for a successfull product development. We collect your requirements and create professional specification documents to get as well comparable offers as a technical base for software contracts.
Searching and evaluating new products and the process to introduce these can be a complex task. We support you in this mission to make sure, that the new technology really supports your requirements in an efficient way.
Systematical testing and accepting new features in software development can require sophisticated procedings. We can support you in build test and acceptance systems to make sure that new and existing features of your developments do work reliably.
We organise workshops and trainings to arm your staff for new challenges. Our approach is to provide new methods and tools for ongoing projects to sustainably enhance your employees professional work.
Create the basisi for entrepreneurial excellence and actively develop your companies future strategy. We support you with analytics, research the most promising course of action and deliver facts for the impact of a strategic redirection.
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Individual Software

Software can only evolve its full potential if it perfectly supports your processes.
We develop software solutions that do fit your needs.

We do rapid application development in an agile style. With a fast iteration cycle and extensive tests we can create quickly emerging solutions with stable results.

We handle software for our clients - from smallest script to complex enterprise solutions.

We use Python and/or Go for most of our solutions.

Integrate components to reduce manual procedures!

We do have extensive experience in the integration of independend system components. Using our tools we usually can provide multiple approaches to integrate your processes.

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Advanced analytics & DataScience

Our interdisciplinary team contains experts in the areas of machanical engineering, mathematics, statistics and software development.Use our cohesive knowledge for your profit.
We can gain new information out of your data with Data Science und Machinelearning!

If mathematical and statistical analytics are exhausted, it is time for machine learning.
We deliver knowhow and solutions to apply current scientific methods in an industrial scale.

Smooth information supply saves time for all participants.
We provide your decision makers with the information they need in tailored reports und dashboards.

One main area of our work is the databased prediction of events.
Reduce your costs and enhance your work quality by gaining a better view on your (or your clients) future!

Create the base for commercial excellence and let us help you to develop a ditigal strategy for your future.
We can support you with analysis and research to identify the most effective measures and can provide you with numbers for strategic decisions.

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About us

We are a startup located in Graz (Austria) and providen experts in the area of Data Science, mathematics, statistics, software development, mechanical and process engineering.

We are proud to provide a interdisciplinary perspective and be vendor independent.

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Dorian Santner
Founder and CEO

Optimizing core processes is essential for every company. All parts of the own value-addding chain need to be monitored and permanently improved.

Interventions can sustainably enhance revenues and are one major part of entrepreneurial success.

Identifying the optimal points of refinements increasingly needs scientic methods and quantitative analytics.

This is exactly the service we provide for our customers.

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